What we can do. What can be done because of us. We specialize in 3 areas of industry as a manufacturer and as a provider. ● Life’s necessities (Residential Equipment Building Materials) ● Warm, pleasant streetscapes (Exterior) ● Consideration of the regional environment in addition to the global environment (Oasis)   Utilizing experience and skills cultivated over our many years serving our customers, we continue to expand and evolve our business with a heavy focus on the environment from the local region to the world. ● Effective utilization of energy (Energy Solutions) ● Realization of energy conservation through LEDs (Residence) ● Creation of more accommodating living spaces (Reformation & Renovation)
Corporate philosophy

To continue to be a company that creates joy. This is our, the Toshin Corporation’s, hope.

We have been sharing this hope for 60 years, and we will continue to share it as we move forward. The Toshin Corporation started with our founder’s vision to “Create joy and respond to hopes.” Of course, he couldn’t manufacture and expand further alone, thus he began to call together other like-minded people who shared his deep desire to provide joy to others resulting in the company we have today. A company that works together with our partners to forge happiness within our customers. We have inherited this dream that has remained unwavering since our foundation and will maintain it as we progress into the future as a company that creates joy in our employees, our partners, our customers using our products, and all people. That is the sort of company the Toshin Corporation strives to stay.
Corporate Profile
Company Name Toshin Corporation
Location Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Chuuou-cho 2-35-13
Founded 3/25/1952
Capital ¥100 million
Representative Director and Chairman Kazuyoshi Iwamatsu
President Tatsuya Sugimoto
Main Business Manufacturing Department Manufacture of GRC applied products
Development Department Internal product development, OEM products, special order design and development. Design and development of various products other than with GRC materials
Sales Department Sales, design, and construction of greening GRC products Sales, design, and construction of landscape GRC products Sales, design, and construction of residential equipment and building materials Sales, design, and construction of home exterior products Reform and renovation
Construction Industry Permits
Tokyo Governor Permit (General-22) No. 58420 Building contractors, pipe contractors, interior finish contractors Landscaping contractors, tile, brick, and block contractors
Registered Electrician Business
Tokyo Governor Notification No. 249038
Organization Memberships
Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure Japan Home Gardening Promotion Association Japan GRC Industry Association Japan Building Block Exterior Contractors Association (jabec)   We support the activities of UNEP (United Nations Environment Program)